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  1. Media globalization and identity crisis: Is hyperlocalism a way forward? / Feb 28, 2020

    With our lives increasingly revolving around the internet, our access to global information has arguably weakened our connection with the local values and cultural traditions.

  2. Nusantaran Architecture as a constructed architectural identity: The researcher’s dilemma

    The Indonesian government has incorporated the emerging ‘Nusantaran Architecture’ in its massive national tourism plan - dubbed ‘the Ten New Bali’, accentuating a narration of culture preservation.

  3. Research across different contexts / Nov 15, 2019

    Doing research across different contexts: Challenges, connections and contradictions

  4. Why Deleuze was an Idiot / Nov 13, 2019

    In this special session on Deleuzean philosophy, PhD students and ECRs discussed the various aspects of Deleuze’s work and its implication for their research. The meeting was chaired by Tanzil Shafique, who also opened the discussion with an introduction to Deleuze.

  5. The Role of the Researcher / Oct 30, 2019

    The monthly session started with presentations from Reden Recio and Rewa Marathe. Reden presented his findings from his recent trip to Manila and Rewa shared her insights from her trip to Delhi.

  6. Research Methodology / Sep 24, 2019

    The monthly SEED session kicked of with a presentation on methodology by Tanzil Shafique.

  7. Space for Engagement and Epistemic Diversity (SEED)

    Space for Engagement and Epistemic Diversity (SEED) is an initiative of the InfUr Hub to allow a safe space for phd students and early-career researchers (ECR) to engage and learn from each other.

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