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  1. SEED Research Seminar / July 30, 2021 [Virtual Session]

    Presentations by: Lutfun Nahar Lata and Christopher Kelly. Session Co-chairs: Febe De Geest and Ibrahim Yakubu

  2. SEED Research Seminar / June 25, 2021 [Virtual Session]

    Presentations by: Noel Manzano and Erich Wolff Session Co-chairs: Francesca Ferlicca and Rewa Marathe

  3. SEED Research Seminar / May 28, 2021 [Virtual Session]

    Presentation by: Sandra Carrasco, Neeraj Dangol and Majdi Faleh Session Co-chairs: Stephanie Butcher and Mahsa Meshgar

  4. SEED Research Seminar / April 19, 2021 [Virtual Session]

    Presentations: Madhulika Sahoo and Sambath My Session Co-chairs: Diah Asih Purwaningrum (Roro) and Tanzil Shafique

  5. 2020 ECR International Research Colloquium / Nov 27 and Dec 04, 2020 [watch recorded sessions]

    PANEL SESSION 1: STATE & INFORMALITY  Chaired by Reden Recio  November 27, 5:00 – 6:15 PM, Melbourne time  Housing politics and the nightmares of spatial planning in indigenous communities: A review of colonial experience in Tamale, Ghana  (Ibrahim Yakubu, University for Development Studies, Ghana)   Infrastructure provision in informal settlements: the challenges and opportunities for co-production […]

  6. Gender and disaster resilience / Oct 6, 2020 [Virtual Session]

    The growing intensity and frequency of natural disasters have drawn efforts in academia and public policies towards improving resilience of cities and communities.

  7. Young women’s everyday political actions in a North Indian informal settlement / Jul 30, 2020 [Virtual Session]

    Some scholars have examined the various ways in which youth are shaping the city as an outcome of their social and political actions.

  8. How informal settlers’ socio-economic traits shape flood adaptation / Jun 30, 2020 [Virtual Session]

    Millions of urban poor are living in slum conditions in low-income countries. Often, governments in these countries are unable or unwilling to provide alternative housing or resettle residents to a safer place.

  9. Post-COVID-19 World: What’s the future like for ECRs? / May 29, 2020 [Virtual Session]

    We are seeing a growing interest in COVID-19 research and how the pandemic will shape urban life. As individuals and governments scramble to navigate the adverse impacts of the crisis, no one is certain when the pandemic will end and what traces it will leave in cities.

  10. Doing ethnography in a transitional context / April 27, 2020 [Virtual Session]

    This session discusses the challenges of conducting an ethnographic study in a complex context that is currently messed up with ideological, educational and political changes.

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