Arnisson Andre Ortega

I am a human geographer and critical demographer, currently working as an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University. I am passionate about social justice, and my interests lie at the intersection of urban, population and community geographies. In particular, I examine the spatial politics of urbanization in the cities of the Global South, interlinking urban transformations with transnational mobilities of migrants, capital and ideas, and interrogating the multiple spatial configurations of accumulation by dispossession. Over the past few years, I have focused on urban transformations in the Philippines, contributing to theorizations of new urban forms in the Global South, transnational urbanisms and geographies of dispossessions.

Recent publications

  1. Ortega, A. A. (2023). The point is to change it: Locating community geography and praxis in a neoliberalizing academia. Dialogues in Human Geography,
  2. Dizon, H. M., & Ortega, A. A. C. (2023). Resistance and reproduction: urban poor women and the struggle for a socially just urban future in Manila. Gender, Place & Culture, 1-23.
  3. Ortega, A. A. C. (2023). Toward critical demography 2.0. Human Geography,