Sajal Chowdhury

I’m a PhD candidate in architecture at the Melbourne School of Design (MSD), Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne, Australia. My research focuses on “Environmental Experience Design (EXD),” a design philosophy based on “Human-Centered and User Experience (UX)”, which is an in-depth understanding of people’s experiences with environmental design solutions. I graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) with a B.Arch and M.Arch (research) degree and from Hokkaido University in Japan with an M.Eng (research) in “Human Thermal Environment, IEQ and Wellbeing” (as a MEXT Scholar). I teach in the department of architecture at CUET in Bangladesh. I’m also a sessional instructor at MSD and an active member of the “ZEMCH-EXD” Network. I served as the “Coordinator” of the Environmental Lab at the Department of Architecture, CUET and the “Research Architect” at the Green Architecture Cell (GrACe), BUET. I’m familiar with a variety of machine learning techniques and tools for simulating building environments. Sajal has addressed Human Experience, IEQ, Design and Wellbeing issues in a wide range of international publications, conferences, and seminars.

Recent Publications

  1. Chowdhury S, Noguchi M, Doloi H. Conceptual Parametric Relationship for Occupants’ Domestic Environmental Experience. Sustainability. 2021; 13(5):2982.
  2. Chowdhury S, Noguchi M, Doloi H. Domestic Environmental Experience Design. Encyclopedia. 2021; 1(2):505-518.
  3. Chowdhury S, Noguchi M, Doloi H. Defining Domestic Environmental Experience for Occupants’ Mental Health and Wellbeing. Designs. 2020; 4(3):26.