Qusai Anteet

I’m a PhD student at the University of Melbourne and I’m interested in doing qualitative research that looks at the complexities of environmental psychology and how people interact with the built environment. My current research is about learning environments at primary schools but I like to expand my interests to ‘places’ beyond buildings. The research investigates the change of physical and social learning environments as part of broader cultural and decision-making contexts. Public schools in Saudi Arabia are undergoing rapid educational reforms to meet the Kingdom 2030 vision. These include preparing students with the 21st century skills considered necessary to participate and compete on the global stage actively. The changes raise questions about how current and future school buildings can respond effectively to rapidly emerging educational aspirations and reforms. The study focuses on highlighting the alignment of emerging pedagogies, school architecture and briefing/programming towards fostering evidence-based school design. The research utilises resilience thinking to interpret the changes of complex adaptive systems across multiple scales.

Recent Publication

Anteet, Q. (2020). Emerging learning environments: Complex adaptive systems and scales of resilience. In W. Imms & M. Mahat (Eds.), Proceedings of international symposium Transitions19: One journey, many pathways (pp. 11–18). ILETC. http://www.iletc.com.au/publications/proceedings/