Mavis Boamah

I am a PhD candidate at the School of Social Sciences, Film and Media, and Education at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne – Australia. My research project explores the relationship between housing and educational outcomes of young African refugees by drawing on the theory of place and some of its sub-constructs, place attachment and homemaking and Putnam’s bridging and bonding social capital theories to unpack this relationship. I was inspired by this project after my involvement with the African Australian student community as a Leadership Pillar.

With my communication background, I also have special interest in Public Relations and Crisis Communication.

Recent publication

  1. Boamah, M. (2019). Analysing Crisis Communication Strategies among Airline Companies in United States: A Case Study of Southwest Airline 2016 Power Outage Crisis. Studies in Media and Communication, 7(1), 7-20.