Madhulika Sahoo

I’m an Anthropologist by training, and currently working as Assistant Professor in the School of social sciences and humanities, VIT-AP University, India where I teach Anthropology, Gender Studies and Qualitative research method. I’m also a regional coordinator to Avoidable Death Network. My PhD research was on the reproductive healthcare of displaced indigenous communities in India. I was awarded InSc Young Researcher Award 2020 and UN Merit Scholarship 2017. I’m now editing a book on ‘Ethnography: The Theory and Application in Social Sciences and Business Studies’. My research interests include forced migration, socio-cultural anthropology, ethnography, gender and health.

Recent Publications

  1. Sahoo, M. 2020. Indigenous Practices of Containing the Infection of COVID-19 in India. Avoidable Death Network. Indigenous Practices of Containing the Infection of COVID-19 in India | Avoidable Deaths Network (
  2. Sahoo, M. and Pradhan, J., 2020. Reproductive health care status of the displaced tribal women in India: An analysis using Nussbaum Central human capabilities. Health Care for Women International, pp.1-30. Tylor and Francis publisher
  3. Sahoo, M. and Pradhan, J., 2020. Using Three Delay Model to Understand the Social Factors Responsible for Neonatal Deaths Among Displaced Tribal Communities in India. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, pp.1-13. Springer publisher