Linda Widiachristy

I’m a graduate student in Urban Environmental Management at Wageningen University with a specialization in Land Use Planning. Overall, I am interested in learning about the environmental issue and its implication on spatial quality. I also enjoy the discussion about community resilience and social justice in planning. My research focuses on the sustainability and liveability in applying green infrastructure in urban areas, particularly the spatial and environmental dilemmas in a dense area – informal settlements. Currently, I work on my MSc research on the transition of urban green space along the floodplain in the urban kampung. So far, I approach this case from the planning, design, and management perspective to understand the challenge and the potential of applying a sustainable approach to this area. Apart from that, I am also working on creating a building management guideline with RUJAK for the social housing that the community will manage and organise in Kampung Akuarium, Jakarta.

Recent Publications

  1. Widiachristy, L. & Smaradhana, A. (2020). The Effectiveness of Jakarta Smart City Application in Enhancing Community Resilience in Facing Flood Risk. Paper presented for AR+DC Symposium, November 2020, Indonesia
  2. Policy Brief – “Panduan Kampung Siaga Covid-19” (Covid-19 Guidelines for Urban Kampung), arranged by Linda Widiachristy & Elisa Sutanudjaja (RUJAK), Rujak Center for Urban Studies, 2020