Karina Putri

I am in my final year as PhD student at the University of Melbourne (UoM). While studying at UoM, I also serve as a junior lecturer of urban planning at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. I was trained as planner and urban/public manager in Indonesia and Germany and was working in various regional planning agencies in both countries before deciding to pursue a more academic career path.

My current research project seeks to understand what constitutes as “just planning” in the face of informality, conflicting rationalities, and post-colonial experience embedded in selected Global South institutions. Using a combination of meta-ethical justice approach as well as Arendtian enlarged mentality approach, I tried to gain a better understanding of the nature and meaning of the good/bad, right/wrong, and desirable/undesirable in a situated Global South planning context. After finishing my study, I am looking forward to further my participation in SEED activities and collaboration with SEED Fellows.