Ishita Chatterjee

I’m a PhD student at the University of Melbourne and my research interests are in the areas of informal urbanism, counter cartography, urban morphology, critical geography, architectural pedagogy . My doctoral thesis focuses on the diverse growth processes of informal settlements in India, where I examine the everyday politics and the structural processes that impact it.

Recent Publications

  1. Chatterjee, I., Sabri S., & Aschwanden G., (2020). “Urban data and its role in creating and addressing inequity”. In De Souza, R. (Ed.), Data and inequity: Who’s missing in big data? Data, Systems and Society Research Network (DSSRN), pp.36 ‐43.
  2. McLaughlan, R., & Chatterjee, I. (2020). “What works in the architecture studio? Five strategies for optimising student learning”. The International Journal of Art & Design Education, 39(3), pp.550‐564.
  3. Dovey, K., van Oostrum, M., Chatterjee, I., & Shafique, T. (2020). “Towards A Morphogenesis of Informal Settlement”. Habitat International, p.104, 102240.