Ibrahim Yakubu

I’m a Lecturer at the University for Development Studies in Ghana. My research interest is in housing and the built environment in the global South and urban development management. I study housing mobility practices in the pro-poor housing sector in Tamale, Ghana.

Recent Publications

  1. Yakubu, I., Spocter, M. & Donaldson, R. (2021) I cannot stand up to the authority of my chief nor the state: reflections on development-induced residential mobility in pro-poor hosuing systems in Tamale, Ghana, African Studies, 80 (2)
  2. Yakubu, I & Spocter, M. (2020) To move against the odds: a portrait of socio-spiritual underpinnings of residential mobility decisions in pro-poor housings systems of Tamale, Ghana, Cities 105 (2020)  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cities.2020.102698