Gabriela Quintana Vigiola

I’m a Senior Lecturer in Planning at the School of Built Environment – Faculty of Design Architecture and Building in the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). I joined UTS in 2012 after moving to Australia, and I have been the Course Director of the Planning programs at the School of Built Environment since 2019. In addition to being an academic, I work as a planning and urban design consultant, currently collaborating with the Australian State of the Environment Report 2021 contracted by the DAWE. My practice and research focus on current issues such as place-making, participatory planning and design, and informal settlements and housing for vulnerable populations.

Recent publications

  1. Quintana Vigiola, G. (2021) Barrio morphology and private space: the social drivers of informal urban settlements in Caracas, Urban Morphology, 25:1, 43-6, DOI: 10.51347/UM25.0003
  2. Quintana Vigiola, G. (2020) Territorial implications of criminality and religiosity in Caracas’s barrios, Journal of Urban Design, 25:6, 778-793, DOI: 10.1080/13574809.2020.1733951