Francesca Ferlicca

Im a PhD student at the IUAV University of Venice Italy. My research interest lies in housing policies for the informal city in Latin America and particularly in Argentina. I am interested in the role of planning theory and practice in governing the informal city. My PhD thesis focuses on the contribution of local urban planning systems to the rise of informal settlements. I investigate how planning itself may contribute to the exclusion of the low-income segment of the society using as local case studies of Buenos Aires. I study how the circulation of the representations of the informal phenomenon that permeated planning models have changed over time at supranational, national and local levels, with the aim of defining how these approaches shaped informality instead of resolving its main harmful consequences. In order to do this, I concentrate on the recent urban policies developed in three case study in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, a villa, an asentamiento and a land squatting, investigating the interaction between the autonomy of the informal dwellers and the institutionalization of the State.

Recent Publications

  1. Ferlicca, F. (2020), “Urbanistica e informalità: strumenti per l’azione”, in Planum. The Journal of Urbanism, suppl. n. 42, vol II, ISSN 1723-0993.
  2. Ferlicca, F. (2020), “Housing informality in Buenos Aires”, in Equilibri-Rivista per lo sviluppo sostenibile, Bologna: Il Mulino, ISSN 1594-7580.
  3. Lanfranchi G.; Cordara C.; Duarte I.; Ferlicca,F. (2018) “¿Cómo crecen las ciudades Argentinas? Estudio de la expansión urbana de los 33 grandes aglomerados”. Documento de trabajo, CIPPEC.