Boonanan Natakun

I’m currently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University in Thailand. My research interests include community planning, community resilience, low-income housing development, urban neighbourhood studies. One of the most important elements of resilient thinking includes community resources embedded within and around community areas. I’m studying the multiple yet interrelated processes to identify both individual and collective community resources. Various planning methods and an interactive resilience toolkit are discussed to identify one community‚ own perceived and not-yet-perceived community resources at the local level and beyond. The research seeks to understand the extent to which local and handful community resources can be recognised by researchers and participating community members of three case-study communities in Bangkok Metropolitan Region.

Recent Publications

  1. Archer, D, Marome, W, Natakun, B, Mabangyang, P & Phanthuwongpakdee, N (2019). The role of collective and individual assets in building urban community resilience, International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, pp. 1-18, Taylor & Francis.
  2. Natakun, B & Suchai, N (2019). Rethinking Affordable Row House Design for Multi-generational Lower Middle-income Family in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Bangkok, Thailand, The International Journal of Architecture, Spatial, and Environmental Design, Vol. 13, Issue 4, pp. 17-40, Common Ground Research Networks, Chicago.
  3. Brien, D. & Natakun, B. (2016). Bower Sala 08 Revisited: Lessons for Community-based Live Projects, Journal of Architectural/Planning Research and Studies, Vol.1, Issue 1. pp.75-89.