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  1. InfUr- Seminar – Anitra Nelson and ‘Beyond money: Potent informal economies’

    Anitra Nelson

  2. InfUr- Seminar and Book Launch: Anoma Pieris ‘The Architecture of Confinement’

    Anoma Pieris

  3. RSA Regions in Recovery 2022 – Special Session on Mitigating #COVID19 in Urban Asia: Insights from South and Southeast Asian Megacities on Disaster Governance and Recovery

    Session 1 (March 22, 2022) Chair: Redento B. Recio, The University of Melbourne, Australia Speakers: Amanda Achmadi, The University of Melbourne, Australia Duaa Sohail, IBA/Karachi Urban Lab, Pakistan Nausheen Anwar, IBA, Pakistan Phanisri Soumya Chavai and Anant Maringanti, Hyberabad Urban Lab Foundation, Pakistan Recorded session Session 2 (March 23, 2022) Chair: Iderlina Mateo-Babiano, The University […]

  4. How do informal settlements take shape? Morphogenesis in three India cases

    Research Seminar / Dec 09, 2021 Presented by Ishita Chatterjee, Chaired by Kim Dovey Register here to get the zoom link. Abstract: Informal settlements are the primary means of meeting the demand for affordable housing in the global south countries. Yet, the urban design being produced by this now dominant form of production gets termed […]

  5. Public Lecture on Achieving Spatial Justice in Informal Settlements

    The University of the Philippines School of Urban and Regional Planning is hosting a Virtual Public Lecture Series (v-PuLSe) on “Achieving Spatial Justice in Informal Settlements: The Role of Planners, Professionals, and the Academe.” Happening this 02 December 2021, 1:00pm-5:00pm (PST), (4:00-7:00pm AEST) via Zoom, this webinar is in partnership with the UP Open University […]

  6. RSA Policy Expo: Tackling a global pandemic in Asian Megacities: Uneven vulnerabilities, State responses and grassroots practices

    In 2021, the Regional Studies Association awarded Policy Expo funding to the project “Tackling a global pandemic in Asian Megacities: Uneven vulnerabilities, State responses and grassroots practices”. This project aims to determine how state and city-region level crisis management responses and post-pandemic recovery policies and programs in five Southeast and South Asian cities (Dhaka, Hyderabad, […]

  7. Reboot the informal towards a new Architecture (Lecture by Alfredo Brillembourg)

    September 1 (4 pm, Melbourne time) Abstract This lecture will present the Urban Think Tank toolbox, which provides a working method for a new supportive architecture that empowers people at the margins of the global south’s emerging cities and promotes sustainable development in informal areas. The broad goal is to eliminate the disconnect between design […]

  8. International groups awarded grants to protect civic space

    Today, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) announced four grants to civil society organizations who are advocating for the protection of civic space. The groups are taking action to protect civil rights and liberties during the pandemic, and will be using these grants to implement innovative projects in four locations across the globe. This initiative […]

  9. How Mumbai’s poorest neighbourhood is battling to keep coronavirus at bay

    Informal settlements are experiencing a greater surge in COVID-19 cases than other urban neighbourhoods in Mumbai, India. Their high density, narrow streets, tight internal spaces, poor access to water and sanitation leave residents highly vulnerable to the spread of coronavirus.

  10. Street vendors’ self-help strategies highlight cities’ neglect of how the other half survive

    About 2.5 billion people, or half of the global labour force, work in the informal economy