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  1. COVID-19 and Global South Cities: Solidarity, Resistance and Recovery

    he UN has reported that over 90% of reported COVID-19 cases worldwide have come from urban areas, turning the spotlight on cities as the pandemic’s epicentre.

  2. Emerging Scholar Series March / April / May 2021

    International Webinars 2021 Emerging Scholar Series Read abstracts here

  3. Feb 18, 2021 / Research Seminar #8 / Desiring Karail: Morphogenesis of an Informal Settlement in Dhaka

    Informal settlements currently house more than a billion people; they are pervasive, expanding and persistent. Some embody slum conditions while others do not.

  4. Nov 18, 2020 / InfUr Webinar 7 / Symposium Panel on “Co-production and Governance”

    Symposium Panel on "Co-production and Governance"

  5. Nov 11, 2020 / InfUr Webinar 6 / Symposium Panel on “Informal Settlements”

    Symposium Panel on “Informal Settlements”

  6. Nov 6, 2020 / InfUr Webinar 5 / Gautam Bhan Keynote Lecture: Informality and the Pandemic

    Informality and the Pandemic: Thinking about our conceptual vocabularies

  7. Oct 28, 2020 / InfUr Webinar 4 / Symposium Panel on “Public Space”

    Symposium Panel on Public Space Watch here … Presenters / abstracts: ‘Formal’ and ‘Informal’ Modes of Urban Agriculture in Kunming Yuan Wei, University of Sydney The exponential growth of China’s urban sprawl has transformed the once arable land into cities with former rural villages. Several types of urban agriculture (UA) have emerged in urban areas […]

  8. Oct 21, 2020 / Infur Webinar 3 / Alison Brown Keynote Lecture: Informal Economy in Urban Crisis Recovery

    Political upheaval or violent conflict is often characterised by a fundamental failure of governance and the destruction of local economies, and yet in the aftermath of conflict, through informal mechanisms of survival and support, people reconstruct their livelihoods and rebuild urban services.

  9. Oct 14, 2020 / InfUr Webinar 2 / Symposium Panel on “Rethinking Informality”

    Rethinking informality

  10. Oct 7, 2020 / InfUr Webinar 1 / Kurt Iveson Keynote Lecture: Elite informality in action: the governance of graffiti in Sydney

    Discussions of urban informality have increasingly drawn attention to various ways in which it is deployed by elite, as well as marginalised, urban actors.

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