1. The Crowd: Being together in a time of crisis (Lecture by Colin McFarlane)

    September 29 (3 pm, Melbourne time) Abstract Urban life is predicated on urban densities and crowds. But while the former are typically understood and managed as problematics of urban governance, the crowd has more often been position as the city ‘in the wild’: unpredictable, suggestible, and a phenomena that might as much be generative of […]


  2. Reboot the informal towards a new Architecture (Lecture by Alfredo Brillembourg)

    September 1 (4 pm, Melbourne time) Abstract This lecture will present the Urban Think Tank toolbox, which provides a working method for a new supportive architecture that empowers people at the margins of the global south’s emerging cities and promotes sustainable development in informal areas. The broad goal is to eliminate the disconnect between design […]


  3. SEED Research Seminar / August 26, 2021 [Virtual Session]

    Presentation: Jimly Al Faraby Session Chair: Soumya Dasgupta Recorded session


  4. International groups awarded grants to protect civic space

    Today, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) announced four grants to civil society organizations who are advocating for the protection of civic space. The groups are taking action to protect civil rights and liberties during the pandemic, and will be using these grants to implement innovative projects in four locations across the globe. This initiative […]


  5. Differences without Separability (Lecture by AbdouMaliq Simone)

    August 4 (4 pm, Melbourne Time) Abstract Both referring to specific territorial formations and impetuses of deterritorialization that can show up perhaps everywhere, urban majorities in South and Southeast Asia increasing “find” themselves located in areas beyond the urban core. These areas hold a multiplicity of divergent trajectories, aspirations, and practices, which simultaneously generate strange […]


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