1. Informal Settlement on UP Diliman Campus

    Kim Dovey and Reden Recio The view from the Board of Regents Room in Quezon Hall, the administration building of the University of the Philippines (UP) System, reveals the core of the UP Diliman campus as a beautiful and well-manicured place—a vast green lung within the dense and often intense Metropolitan Manila. As is less […]


  2. SEED Session: Engaging with Global South Urbanisms / 26 July 2023 [Hybrid Seminar]

    Presentations: Phia van Greunen and Debapriya Karmakar Session Chair: Daniel de Oliveira Vasconcelos Urban ‘informal’ settlement: The emergence of public space It is easy to associate public space and informal settlements with resistance. Public space is always produced through geographies of power that legitimise certain forms of action while marginalising other ways of being. Urban […]


  3. Public launch of a new book entitled “COVID-19 and informal workers in Asian cities: Impact, response and implications for urban recovery”

    As COVID-19 took hold across local and international borders in 2020 and 2021, over 1.6 billion informal workers were estimated to have been adversely impacted by mobility restrictions and other ‘lockdown’ measures to tackle the coronavirus crisis. In the Global South, the pandemic has severely affected the sprawling megacities in Southeast and South Asia that […]


  4. SEED-CERN Session*: Post urban-rural frontiers? Examining diverse island urbanisms in the Philippines / 29 June 2023 [Hybrid Seminar]

    Presentation: Aireen Andal and Andre Ortega Session Co-chairs: Reden Recio and Ethel Villafranca Islands tend to conjure images of tourist beaches or rural peripherality. They rarely figure into the urban studies literature as theoretically generative spaces that can reinvigorate urban knowledge production. In empirical terms, urban studies mainly foreground inland spaces and barely represent the […]


  5. SEED Session: The politics of transnational infrastructure provision / 04 April 2023 [Virtual Seminar]

    Presentation: Xiao Ma Session Co-chairs: Shiva Nouri and Kazi Fattah Sitting at the intersection of China’s rise as a global power and its growing role in global transport infrastructure and service provision, the changes in bilateral relations between China and Australia present critical social, environmental, and geopolitical challenges for both countries. This study investigates transnational infrastructure […]


  6. Upholding the Human Rights of Manila’s Urban Poor

    Researchers and grassroots networks in Manila worked to support the health and livelihood of the ‘urban poor’ during the pandemic and now during state-led recovery Read more


  7. 2022 SEED Year-End Sessions

    Session 1 Recorded Session


  8. InfUr- Seminar with Kim Dovey and Reden Recio — ‘Inventraset Assemblages’

    Kim Dovey, Redento Recio


  9. SEED Session: The right to be counted / 23 September 2022 [Virtual Seminar]

    Presentation: Sanjeev Routray Discussants: Ishita Chatterjee, Ash Alam, Eric Gaisie & Adrian Marin Toro Session Co-chairs: Erich Wolff & Nabanita Islam This book describes the process of claims-making as an attempt by the political community of the poor to assert its existence and numerical strength, and it demonstrates how this struggle to be counted constitutes […]


  10. SEED Research Seminar / 10 August 2022 [Hybrid Session]

    Presentations: Pamela Cajilig, Ha Minh Hai Thai, and Diah Asih (Roro) Purwaningrum Session Chair: Redento Recio Recorded Session Learning Southern urbanisms in the time of COVID-19: Methodological implications, empirical insights, and ethical dilemmas The multi-dimensional aspects and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have reshaped the landscape of scholarship. Researchers in different parts of the globe […]


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