InfUr- Seminar – Anitra Nelson and ‘Beyond money: Potent informal economies’

This event took place on Friday 27th May 2022. Please see below for a recording of the event:

This talk argued for in-kind economies that embody real, social and ecological values as ways to develop just and equitable societies living within Earth’s limits. Themes centre on a ‘real value’ vs monetary, framing of informal vs formal economies, drawing mainly on a recent work, Beyond Money: A Postcapitalist Strategy(2022).  

Associate Professor Anitra Nelson is a new member of InfUr- and Honorary Principal Fellow at University of Melbourne. Research interests include degrowth, money, nonmonetary economies and ecological sustainability. Recent books include Beyond Money: A Postcapitalist Strategy (2022), Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide (2020) and Small is Necessary: Shared Living on a Shared Planet (2018).