COVID-19 and Global South Cities : Solidarity, Resistance and Recovery

COVID-19 and Global South Cities: Solidarity, Resistance and Recovery

The UN has reported that over 90% of reported COVID-19 cases worldwide have come from urban areas, turning the spotlight on cities as the pandemic’s epicentre. Global South metropolises have been sites of alarming number of cases. As of 23 April 2021, the following cities have recorded high infection rates: Santiago (Chile) – 565.677 cases; Manila (Philippines) – 431, 484 cases ; Jakarta (Indonesia) – 403,260 cases ; Bogota (Colombia) – 754,000 cases. These surging cases have overwhelmed the capacity of health personnel and facilities, revealing the fragile state of public health system in these countries.

This International Webinar brings together practitioners, academics and researchers from four Global South metropolises – Santiago (Chile), Manila (Philippines), Bogota (Colombia), Jakarta (Indonesia) – who will share their insights into the importance of building solidarity and sustaining resistance amid the on-going COVID-19 global pandemic.

This event will take place :
[Bogota Time] May 28 : 8 PM
[Sao Paulo Time] May 28 : 10 PM
[Jakarta Time] May 29 : 8 AM
[Manila Time] May 29 : 9 AM
[Melbourne Time] May 29 : 11 AM